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One word and you'll never forget your wallet or keys again

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Remember your wallet

Ok, this isn’t a life-hack site but this post is kind of a life-hack tip.
But this IS a site about adding fun to you life.

And let me tell you, shouting arcane words in order to stay organized is more fun than not.

My friend Geoffrey shared this tip with me years ago and it has saved me from turning the car around ever since.

There are a few loose items that I need to take with me nearly every time I leave the house:

  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Company badge and key card

It’s pretty difficult to forget the keys since I need them to start the car. But the others have all been forgotten a time or two.

Here’s the deal.

Every morning before I leave for work, I say “wahkifoki.”

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An End to Birthday Present Mayhem

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I can’t bear to watch presents being opened at kids’ birthday parties anymore.

If you can, then I don’t think we can be friends.

I mean, have you really watched what goes on?

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Remind me to wonder

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remembering to wonder

One of the best things I can do as a parent is teach my daughter to hold on to wonder longer than I did.

I spend so much energy telling her to be safe, to behave, to follow the plan, to hurry up, to be on time, to plan ahead, to be clean.

But the best moments in life take place in the margins between these admonitions.

The best and worst of life is NOT clean. Plans fail, sometimes wonderfully so. She should be enjoying life and capturing the wonder all around her… not hurrying to her next appointment.

Instead of being safe, I want her to be aware.

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Where are we going? Because I might want to take a different road.

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where are we going?

Sometimes technology makes us efficient but cold.

Sometimes we gain speed by cutting out things that matter.

There was a time that when I wanted to talk to someone, I called their family.

I didn’t call “Billy Johnson”. I called “The Johnsons” and asked for Billy.

My vocabulary included the words “Hi, this is Mike, can I talk to…”

And not just at work.

Now I have a phone in my pocket and people call me: Mike Mitrovich. Not the Mitrovich family or the Mitrovich house… just Mike.

Mail was the same… if I got it, it was in the pile with everyone else’s.

Before I could read a letter, someone’s loving hands wrote, folded, addresses and sealed it.

And more human hands brushed against it before it found its way into mine.

When I wanted information, my finger would flip through the pages of a book or I’d find someone and ask.

It took time. It took effort. It took knowing the people ask or the right book to read. It took asking questions like, “Hey, do you remember…?”

Now it just takes Google.

I used to be amazed and excited about the ways technology made life more efficient, more fast, more fun.

But as I push 40 and I watch my 5-year-old growing up, I’m starting to feel abused by it.

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Cardboard cure for the silicon infection!

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ipad and boardgames

I’m glad boardgames are popular, because boardgames are awesome.
But this rush of iPad boardgames is killing me.

I have Google alerts delivering boardgame news to my inbox.
And dude… it’s depressing.

A typical breakdown of what I get:

  • 20% basketball, board room politics, other unrelated crap
  • 05% Actual boardgames
  • 75% iPad versions of boardgames

I get that it’s easier to open an iPad app instead of a box full of pieces sometimes… but it’s worth putting in the time.

There is no substitute for getting a group of REAL people together to play in person.

Playing real physical boardgames…

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