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Of Running, Joy and Funky Dances

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Video: Of Running, Joy and Funky Dances

This short video of my daughter reminds me of a few things I regularly forget…

(It also let me try out a new intro and exit for my videos!)

Some reminders:

  • Joy is contagious
  • Sometimes we need to run, not to win, but just for the fun of it.
  • No matter how busy we are, sometimes we need to stop and do a funky dance.
  • The best feeling in life can often be to encourage others to run and cheer them on

Who can you encourage today?

What does your “funky dance” look like?

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Have a fun summer you’ll remember - plan ahead!


summer fun

Do you even remember last summer?

If you’re like me, not really.

I do remember it being busy.
Wondering where the time went. Not seeing my friends as much as I’d hoped.
Saying no to cool stuff because my weekends filled up faster than I could think… with maybe other cool stuff. Maybe not.

I don’t remember because my summers tend to just… happen.

But not this year my friends… no way.

I want to get a word in on what my summer is going to look like before the steamroller of weekend activity hits me so hard I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’d love to say I have a sure-fire plan… I don’t.

But I DO have a plan… and that’s better than last year.

If you have a plan, awesome! Please share it in the comments!

But if not, come with me (and bring the rest of your family, because we need their input too)… here’s what we’re going to do…

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Tabletop Day is Saturday, March 30th, 2013

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Table Top Day - March 30th!

I’ve not much to say about this, other than DO IT!

Don’t just be a consumer… get involved with your local game store and your local gamers.

At the end of the month there is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, play new games and all at no cost to you.


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A Kinder Gentler Slug Bug For Kids

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slug bugs

The American Standard rules of “Slug Bug” commence thusly:

  1. While on an excursion, look about for a Volkswagen Beetle.
  2. Once spotted, wildly shout “Slug Bug!!!”
  3. In the same action, and with a jabbing motion, connect the bony part of your fist with a soft fleshy part (typically the upper arm or thigh) of a companion.

Penalty play:

  1. If you strike a companion, but another player called slug bug first, you are in penalty.
  2. If you call “slug bug” on a vehicle previously called… you are in penalty.
  3. If you call “slug bug” on a vehicle deemed NOT to be a VW Beetle, you are in penalty.

Penalty delivery:
The person you “slugged” gets to strike you twice in return.

Playing as a youth, the joy of this game was wrapped up in the exhileration and fear of sudden pain. It was an activity that changed a mundane car ride into an excercise of determined focus and thrill… well, that and the above mentioned “sudden pain”.

No longer a youth and finding myself the father of a 5-year old, the game of slug bug has re-entered my life, but in a modified form that I will share in a moment. Let it be said that while I look back on the game with fond memories, I do not want my daughter’s earliest memories of me to be filled with shouting and pain.

Hence the following rules, created by my 5-year old, which I now call…

Zoe’s Mutable Game of Points…

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The REAL reason traditions are important


Me and my bro

Me and my big bro

Traditions are the storage bins of our legacy.

Traditions are the events and activities we choose to repeat which anchor us to time, place and emotion.

They are the bookmarks that take us back, restore our place.

Legacy, on the other hand, is the fingerprints and tire tracks that people leave on those traditions… whether they are gone forever or just for a time.

Tradition says “Now that I’ve done that, it really feels like Christmas.”

Or, “Now this place really feels like home.”

Legacy says “Yes, but it’s not quite the same without you here.”

About a year ago, my sister and brother and I started a new tradition…

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