Legacy Of Fun

Why Send Hallmark When You Can Leave Your OWN Mark With A Personalized Rhyme From Legacy Of Fun?


Greeting card aisle

When I’m walking down the card aisle, I totally hope to walk away with a “YES! This is the PERFECT card!”

But it’s usually more like “Bleh, whatever. This’ll do.”

It’s not that the greeting cards are bad… it’s just that they were written for “everybody”, instead of just for me and my situation.

They might be “novel”, but they aren’t unique.

And cards cost what? 5 Bucks these days?

And let’s not even talk about the dorky invitation sets you can buy. Maybe they have fun art on them, but then it’s just “to / from / date / bleh…”

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Dads - Turn That Boring Tea Party into a Date on the Moon!


Tea on the moon

I don’t think the tea party can ever be fully redeemed.

I love my daughter and spending time with her.

But I don’t love tea parties.

Real or pretend.

When my daughter says “let’s play” – 9 times out 10 she means “sit at this little table where your knees don’t fit and eat pretend food and drink pretend tea.”

Um… yay?

But here’s the deal: I’d rather have fun pretending than just pretend to have fun…

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A Little Daddy Daughter Bonding in the Bathroom


3d toilet

I may lose some readers with this post as I know some folks don’t dig on the potty humor, but so be it.

When I come home from a long day at work, I often need some “alone” time in the bathroom, if you know what I’m sayin… Catch up on a book and enjoy a healthy BM.

I don’t think this is unusual for a typical dad.

However, having a 3-year-old who’s been missing me all day puts a damper on the “alone” part of that whole equation.

Instead of reading books on developing PHP applications or fantasy adventure fiction to myself, I get to do the deed while reading “Goat’s Groovy Galoshes…”

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3 Year Old Girl Slays Monsters, Rescues Best Friend and Still Has Time to Wash Hands For Dinner



The dungeon walls were stern and bleak… a forbidding mist clinging to every stone. The stir of malicious beasts echoed off the walls… both disturbing and disorienting. And somewhere trapped in the bowels of this abysmal tomb lay a companion unlike any other. Sniffer… the furry, gray, valiant guardian of dreams and hopes.

The cause of his abduction was unknown… as was the danger. Yet 3 heroes, brave and bold would still their fears… steady their trembling hands… and venture into the very mouth of evil and bring back our missing friend…

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How Do I Keep My Legacy Fun... When Life Isn’t?



I have a privileged life. I take a lot for granted. I have freedoms that many can’t even dream of.

I realize this and know that MY picture is not THE picture. I say this only to justify the following statement:

Life isn’t always fun.

The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least…

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