Legacy Of Fun

Is It Better to Be Absent, or Present But Unavailable?


I have been blessed twice in a row with jobs that allow me to occasionally work from home.

A HUGE benefit in terms of:

  • Commute time
  • Dress Code
  • Food / Beverage availability
  • Face time with the family and dog

But is it hurting in terms of the legacy of fun I’m trying to leave my daughter?

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Paper Crafts for Even the Un-Crafty


Tron Lightbike

I don’t really consider myself a “crafts” kind of guy.

But it’s raining outside. And my daughter can’t really handle a Wii controller yet. And this craft has potential for earning me a fair amount of old-guy geek cred.

So here goes… you ready?

Paper craft models!

Hey man, don’t laugh… some of these things are stinkin’ awesome!

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Stop Working, It's Time To Play


playing around


Stop being silly.

Stop playing around.

Stop… having fun.

If you have kids, how many times a day do you send them this message?

If you don’t have kids, how many times do you think these thoughts anyways?

How absurd. How silly. How childish. Kids these days. Grow up.

I know I send this message to my daughter all day long…

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If Your Kids Aren't Acting Out, Maybe They Should Be!


acting out

I need a bandolier that holds books.

My daughter flies through books faster than you can say your ABC’s. She loves me to read books to her.

While I love reading to my daughter, the latest literature aimed at 3 year olds is great at one thing:

Putting me to sleep.

The only thing worse than having to read “Goodnight Moon” for the 15th time in one hour is the guilt of having her wake me up with “Daddy! Read with your eyes open!”

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A Homemade Sensory Game: Animal Lunch


animal lunch game

I don’t know how some of you parents do it with multiple children. I feel brain dead with just one!

I had a need for entertainment at my daughter’s birthday party a couple weeks ago.

And due to my epic failure to plan ahead, I had about 10 minutes to design the game.

Luckily, this particular brain fart had a sweet aroma…

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