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The past couple of years I’ve written over 100 unique personalized rhyming invitations including birthdays for all ages, weddings, holiday parties and more.

Why send Hallmark when you can leave a mark all your own?

That’s right! You send me the details and I’ll put them together into a unique rhyme I’m sure you’ll love!

But don’t take my word for it, read some sample rhymes and customer review below…

Sample Rhymes…

Word-World Themed Birthday

There’s going to be a party, of that there is no doubt!
You may, my friends, be wondering why. So let us spell it out…

Mark Allen is turning 3! Can you believe that he’s so big!?
We’re celebrating Word World style with friends like frog and pig!

September 5th at 3 o’clock, we hope that you’ll arrive
To help us celebrate Mark while the words all come alive!

One last note before we go, at risk of being “word-y”
Please be sure to RSVP by the date of August 30.

Lightning McQeen / Princess Jasmine combination theme

Lightning McQueen has something to say…
Kachow! It’s a 4th birthday party for Katie Kay!

Princess Jasmine is coming (though without her “Prince Ali”)
And we hope you will too, April 19th at 3

It’s at Lake Putnik: 3000 Lakeview Lane
But if you can’t come that distance, we won’t pass blame

Whether you’re fond of Arabian nights
or perhaps you’re a race car with your name all in lights

Come to a birthday barbecue that’s just as fun
as a magic carpet ride or a race that you’ve won!

Customer Reviews

On 10/13/2017, Honorius said:

Speedy, flexible, witty, collaborative

I’ve worked with Mike on one project already and in-flight with another. After giving him the initial requirements and ‘my vision,’ I thought it may be a lingering back and forth process. To my amazement, Mike almost literally “went to town” and came back with a grocery bag of awesomeness in less than half a day!

Mike works hard to make sure that your overall theme is met while adding his own sense of wit, humor, and sensibilities. You will walk away extremely satisfied beyond what you thought could be conceived and achieved initially. I have personally tried to work with other rhyming collaborators to fill in my gaps and they just don’t seem to nail it like Mike does. Can’t wait to work with him on further endeavors! I say work loosely because apparently, he’s doing 99% of it!

On 08/18/2011, Tracey said:

I tried for 4 days to come up with something that was only 10% of what you created for me in 24 hours! Many thanks & I will be recomending you to all of my English friends.

On 03/14/2011, Anonymous said:

Very Creative
Mike created a wonderful poem from all the information I sent… and he was quick!!!

On 02/08/2011, Iris said:

As a personal invitation is was great. Without knowing my husband, you were very close.

On 01/28/2011, Amber said:

Hey did a great job!!!
He is pretty creative and is really good about getting it to you in 3 days!! I loved the poem he wrote for my baby niece!! He did an AWSOME job!!!

On 12/05/2010, Nikki said:

Absolutely AMAZING!!
This rhyme for my sister’s 1st baby shower is absolutely PERFECT! Once again Mike has done a fabulous job! THANK YOU MIKE!!!

On 11/23/2010, Micaela said:

I Like Mike!
Mike- you’re “poetry in motion”! Thanks for coming up with quick, clever rhymes for my daughter’s birthday party invitaions! You had the right “feel” of what I was going for and the return time was better than expected! Thanks!

On 09/13/2010, Anonymous said:

Perfect for all occasions
I requested a rhyme for my husband to commemorate our fifth anniversary. We are renewing our vows with Elvis in Vegas. The service was quick – I got the rhyme the same day I placed the request. The rhyme was lighthearted and will be perfect for the occasion! Thanks to Mike.

On 07/09/2010, Anonymous said:

Perfect Poem for our Princess!
Mike, We couldn’t be more thrilled with the poem you created for our 3 yr old princess party!! Thank you very much… we’ll be back for our next occasion for sure!

On 06/21/2010, Jennifer (Madelyn's Mom) said:

Great Bug Birthday Party Rhyme by Mike!
Mike was very creative and did a wonderful job in making a rhyme for my daughter’s 5th birthday. He included all of the details about the party and made it fun to read! Thank you, Mike, for a job well done!

On 05/20/2010, Keeae said:

I had a lot of information, and was nervous about Mike fitting it all in. Not only was everything included, it was the CUTEST rhyme. Third birthday rhyme for us from Mike and he just keeps getting better. Will be back next year.

On 03/28/2010, Sara said:

Wedding Invitation
Our rhyme was perfect. We were initally worried that the rhyme might sound too childish, seeing as it is for our wedding. Mike sent us an email assuring he was up for the challenge. We received a perfectly tasteful, light-hearted rhyme. I have raved about this site & Mike’s services to all my girlfriends (especially those with children)!

On 03/08/2010, Allyssa said:

the perfect touch!
I had a rhyme done for my daughters 3rd birthday. It was a pirate party and Mike’s rhyme included all the information and was super cute and clever. I got so many comments on how adorable our invites were. It really was the perfect lil touch on our great party! I will use him again!

On 02/18/2010, melanie said:

incredibly creative
My request was a little odd. I am giving a party for my 31 year old daughter and her childhood friend. We are having a child-themed party with balloons, pinata, musical chairs. I gave Mike a few specific criteria about the party and the girls and he came up with the PERFECT poem to use on the invitaiton. I was blown away! He had covered everything with amazing humor and wit. I have already passed his name to friends with children old and young.

On 02/16/2010, Tammy said:

Mike has a great knack for birthday rhyme/invitations and I have used him several times and will continue to do so for a long time.

On 10/20/2008, Anonymous said:

Great rhyme for our invitations!
Based upon the information I provided, Mike created the perfect rhyme for my son and daughter’s joint birthday party.

On 10/09/2008, Patricia said:

Awesome…and fast!
Your rhyme is exactly what I was hoping for!

On 06/04/2008, Keeae said:

Very Fast
Mike did a good job. He included all the details I included, except the time. Considering all the unusual requests, I was suprised he was able to include as much as he did. I would use him again and would recommend him.

On 03/14/2008, Claudia said:

“Very Original”
I really liked the originality of the rhyme and all the details of the party were nicely included. Very fast delivery too…that’s a big PLUS. It was great!

On 01/18/2008, Laurie said:

Great rhyme!
Cute for our father daughter party. One line said RSVP by mail, which I changed to email, other than that it’s perfect for our invitations. Thanks so much!

On 07/04/2007, Anonymous said:

Great rhyme!!!